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Effective Date: 28/02/2021

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Thank you for engaging with Elaine Leigh | Visual Artist (ELVA). We encourage open and respectful communication. By posting a comment on our website, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Respectful Communication

  • Please engage in respectful and constructive dialogue. Comments containing offensive language, personal attacks, or discriminatory content will not be tolerated.

2. Relevant Content

  • Ensure that your comments are relevant to the content of the post or page. Off-topic comments may be moderated or removed.

3. Spam and Promotional Content

  • Spam, promotional content, or links that do not contribute to the discussion are not allowed. Comments deemed as spam will be removed.

4. Privacy and Personal Information

  • Do not share personal information in the comments, whether your own or others’. Respect privacy and avoid posting sensitive or confidential information.

5. Moderation

  • Comments are moderated, and the website administrators reserve the right to approve, edit, or remove any comment at their discretion.

6. User Responsibility

  • Users are solely responsible for the content of their comments. ELVA does not endorse or take responsibility for the views expressed by users.

7. Feedback and Questions

  • Constructive feedback is welcome. If you have questions or concerns, contact us directly at rather than in the comments section.

8. Violation of Comment Policy

  • Violation of this Comment Policy may result in the removal of the comment and, in severe cases, banning the user from commenting in the future.

9. Changes to Comment Policy

  • We reserve the right to update or modify this Comment Policy at any time. Please review it periodically for any changes.

By posting a comment on our website, you agree to comply with this Comment Policy. We appreciate your participation and value a positive and inclusive community.

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